Rare Quadraphonic Sound Event in Twin Cities


Nada Presents: Justin Meyers / Casey Deming / Michael Flora
4-Channel Surround Sound performances from experimental musician Justin Meyers, sound artist Casey Deming, and computer musician Michael Flora.

Nada Presents: Justin Meyers / Casey Deming / Michael Flora
Friday, May 26, 7:30pm
Studio Z
275 4th St E Suite 200, St Paul

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Nada presents: “Unusual Electronic Music Typically Without Academic Affiliation”


Nada presents:
“Unusual Electronic Music Typically Without Academic Affiliation”

Wednesday December 23, 9:00pm

DIE REIHE (bánh mì verlag – ny)
Jack Callahan is a NYC composer whose recent work has blended dancefloor aesthetics with the compositional strategies of contemporary music.

Justin Meyers is an experimental musician and visual artist residing in Minneapolis. His work spans many mediums, from video, sound, screen & print, but remains minimal in approach across all forms and attempts to play on the audiences shared expectations of each art form.

Albert Elmore is an electronic musician whose work has been released through Totally Gross National Product and the bbpwc.com web server. Albert is founder of 5310a.com and the Center for Experimentally Advanced Recordings and Research.

Pooch Karton is a solo modular synth project exploring dynamic sound shapes and kinetic mind sculptures.

+ dj Michael Flora

205 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis 55414

$5 entry

Michael Flora – Aves

Michael Flora

Aves is a quadraphonic sound piece which simulates the flocking behavior of birds. The behaviors are generated by a flocking algorithm, which controls the bird’s frequency (pitch), amplitude (volume), and position in the four loudspeakers.

The behavior of the flock arises from the interaction of four individual “birds” adhering to a set of simple rules:

1. The number of neighbors earch “bird” consults while flocking
2. Maximum speed
3. Minimum speed
4. Strenth of “centering” instinct
5. Strength of attraction to an “attract-point”
6. Strength of neighbor avoidance instinct
7. Overall speed
8. Willingness to change speed and direction
9. Speed of acceleration
10. Preferred distance from neighbors.

About the Artist:

Michael Flora is a Minneapolis based sound artist and composer of electronic music. He curates the small edition record label Nada Recs and hosts a monthly podcast as part of the Aural Complex collective.

*Stereo mix created from a patch used as part of a quadraphonic sound piece that ran in the Grain Belt Keg House from May 15, 2015 – May 17, 2015.