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Michael Flora

Michael Flora is an artist currently based in Minneapolis, MN. He works in the fields of experimental/electronic/computer musics, sound art, and sound recording. His interests lie in experimental composition and digital sound synthesis.

Since 2011, he has curated the experimental music label Nada.

contact: masarurasam@gmail.com


Aves (Grain Belt Keg House, 2015)
Sounds of Clay Squared (Clay Squared to Infinity, 2014)


Solo Work

Cardboard City (nada 16/ RPL017, cassette/digital, 2014)
Throwing Shapes (nada12, CDr, 2013)
Compression Test Vol. 1 (nada 09, mini CDr, 2012)
Silent Night (nada07, mini CDr, 2011)
Move (nada 06, mini CDr, 2011)
Annica (nada 05, CDr/digital, 2011)
Imagined Rooms (nada03, CDr, 2011)

with FNL

ep3 (nada11, cassette, 2012)
ep2 (nada10, CDr/digital, 2012)
ep1 (nada 08, CDr, 2012)

with 2 Asian Dudes

Yan Cha (nada02, CDr, 2011)


Secular Music of South Minneapolis (FFFour KMSU, digital, 2013)
440div10r (I Prefer The Term Artificial Person Myself, digital, 2013)

Field Recording

Field Recordings from India (nada04, CDr, 2011)
­Field Recordings from Sichuan and Yunnan, China (nada01, CDr, 2011)


The White Page, Minneapolis, MN. 2015
Espirtus. 801 Washington Lofts, Minneapolis, MN. 2014
Eagles Club, Minneapolis, MN. 2014
Tundra Haus, Minneapolis, MN. 2014
Seward Cafe, Minneapolis, MN. 2014
Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN. 2014
House of Love. Minneapolis, MN. 2013
KMSU, Mankato, MN. 2013
International Noise Conference, Minneapolis, MN., 2013 (with Untitled Noise Un)
Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN. 2013
The Cave, San Francisco, CA. 2012 (with FNL)
Chillanova, Davis, CA. 2012 (with FNL)
Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN. 2012
Boombox, Portland, OR. 2012 (with FNL)
Space Hut, Oakland, CA. 2009 (with 2 Asian Dudes)
The Cave, San Francisco, CA. 2009
Melting Point Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2006
Club 247, San Francisco, CA. 2006
Blue Cube, San Francisco, CA. 2005



Nada Recs. 2011-present
“Experimental Music | Video Night.” Minneapolis, MN. 2014
“An Evening of Live Electronic Music.” Minneapolis, MN. 2014
“A Night of Experimental and Electronic Musics.” San Francisco, CA. 2012


All Women 
Computer Music: A Brief History
Aural Complex Mix 01
Free Form Freakout Podcast 15


BA in Broadcast and Electronic Communications Arts, San Francisco State University. 2006
Studied Hindustani Classical Music with Pandit Shivnath Mishra in Benares. 2010