Sounds of Clay Squared

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Sounds of Clay Squared
A sound installation by Michael Flora at Clay Squared to Infinity as part of Art-A-Whirl weekend.


Everyday sounds found within the Clay Squared studio are recorded and used as raw material for musical composition. These sounds are processed through custom built patches in the software enviornment Pure Data and then reassembled to create an original sound piece.

Artist Bio:

Michael Flora is an artist currently based in Minneapolis, MN. He works in the fields of electronic music, sound recording, and sound art. Under the moniker .mf he is interested in exploring sound through programming and digital processing. He also records and performs as one half of the minimal electronic duo FNL.
Since 2011, he has curated the experimental sound label Nada.


Clay Squared to Infinity in the Keg House Arts Building
34 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN
Friday, May 16: 5-10pm
Saturday, May 17: 12noon-8pm
Sunday, May 18: 12noon-5pm

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